Our Programs

CCF offers a variety of educational and vocational rehabilitation/career development programs, family support services, and residential housing assistance for CCG clients and their families to help stabilize their recovery. Moreover, CCF is devoted to strengthening the community through its “Adopt-A-Park” campaign and civic art projects, as well as by developing positive leaders who understand both the tragedy of addiction and the triumph of recovery.

Step Up Program

The Step Up Program is a motivational incentive initiative that rewards participants by celebrating short-term goals while progressing towards larger, long-term career goals and independence. The program also includes a treatment approach designed to help CCG clients in recovery remain abstinent.

The goal of the Step Up Program is for each participant to achieve a healthier, more rewarding life by specifically treating the whole person (i.e., body, mind, and spirit). We believe a person cannot be well, physically, if he or she is unable to navigate the transitions of life (e.g., career aspirations, financial security, residential security, and a sense of purpose).

Participants from the Step Up Program in Baltimore, Maryland tell their stories of recovery, education, and rediscovering their own self worth.

Step Up Program participants earn points by engaging in and completing a series of tasks that include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Abstaining from drug and alcohol abuse: Methadone patients (90 days) Suboxone patients (30 days)
  • Attending substance abuse recovery meetings
  • Attending group meetings
  • Attending the fitness club
  • Participating in community cleanup activities
  • Attending financial wellness classes
  • Participating in approved volunteer work assignments

Participants earn 25 points for 1 hour of an activity, such as landscaping, volunteering, or restoration; 2 hours would earn 50 points, etc.

Participants can also earn various gift certificates, which can include, but are not limited to: movie night; dinner at a restaurant with a friend or loved one; entrance into the Job Readiness Program; and eligibility for residential opportunities.

More than 70 clients have been referred to the Step Up Program, and there are currently 20 active members.

Each Step Up Program member must be a client of CCG and must meet the following conditions:
  • Abstinence from recent drug and alcohol use and abuse
  • Regular attendance at the clinic
  • Observance of clinic rules and policies
  • Stable home environment and social relationships
  • Adequate length of time in treatment (~2-3 months)
  • High motivation to do volunteer work
  • Recommendation from a counselor

Think Step Up might be right for you or a loved one?